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Heavy fighting continues in Dhusamareb

DHUSAMAREB (SD) – The mayor of Dhusamareb the capita of Galmudug State, Abdirahman Ali Mohamed Geda-qorow spoke about the fighting between the federal government forces, Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna forces in that town.

Speaking to local radio, Mayor Abdirahman Geda-Qorow said that the government forces were attacked by Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a militias and that fighting was intensifying in the northern part of Dhusamareb.

The Mayor confirmed that the fighting resulted in unconfirmed number of casualties among civilians and soldiers on both sides.

Abdirahman Ali Geda-qorow said Ahlu Sunna are responsible for the casualties and said they had attacked Dhusamareb, displacing people in recent days.

Ahlu Sunna forces are armed militias are based in Bohol area, and today launched the attacked the Galmudug capital.

Fighting between Galmudug forces, the federal government and Ahlu Sunna forces continues in Dhusamareb, with most people fleeing the town to areas under the Galmudug capital.

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