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Heavy Shelling continues for the second day in the city of Las Anod

Las Anod June 25, 2023 (SD) – News coming from the Sool region indicates that today another intense conflict erupted within the outskirts of Las Anod town, the regional capital, involving Somaliland and SSC forces.

The renewed fighting, which broke out yesterday with no sign of resolution, is reported to have spread to surrounding areas in the east and north of the city.

Reports suggest that the conflict is escalating and the situation is critically dire in that area. The condition of the city is also reported to be deteriorating, with shortages and a lack of basic services exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

Local authorities have also reported damage to various facilities, including a school under construction, a Telecommunication company’s office, several health facilities, and significant property and housing destruction.

The exact extent of the casualties from the conflict is not yet clear, but both sides are reportedly witnessing heavy casualties and displaced individuals. The recent situation in Laascaanood has been volatile, and the responsibility for the violence has been a subject of contention in the media.

The clashes have drawn attention Internationally, leading to a statement by the UN Security Council addressing the precarious situation in Laascaanood, Sool region, and calling for Somaliland to withdraw its forces from Las Anod and for talks between the parties to ensure the protection of the affected population.

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