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James Swan visits Baidoa and acknowledges Lafta-Gareen’s election efforts

Baidoa (SD) – A delegation led by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Special Representative to Somalia James Swan have reached in Baidoa, the capital of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

“It’s the first of our visits to the Federal Member States in the new year, and we have come to discuss with the President and his ministers the work of the United Nations in support of South West State. This ranges from support for ongoing reconciliation, security and stabilization efforts to providing humanitarian and development assistance,” the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia, James Swan, told the media in the state’s largest city, Baidoa.

James Swan, the United Nations Special Representative for Somalia, held a closed-door meeting with South West State President Abdiaziz Lafta Gareen.

“I also particularly came along with this delegation to listen to what the South West State authorities hope for and expect from the United Nations in 2021 so that we can better work together to ensure the needs of the people, and that those of South West State, are also met,” Mr. Swan said.

“I reiterate that a spirit of consensus and collaboration, which means putting the good of the country first, is paramount at this time,” Mr. Swan said. “We in the UN urge all of Somalia’s leaders to make every effort to engage in dialogue in a collegial spirit to ensure that the national elections are held, based on broad consensus (and) rooted in the 17 September agreement, and that these elections are underpinned by transparency, fairness and inclusivity.” Said James Swan.

James Swan’s visit to Baidoa comes amid strong tensions over the implementation of the country’s electoral process and with the electoral commission currently in Baidoa, intending to hold Upper House elections.

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