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Joy Isa, President of Barwaqo University exposed as Pastor, leaves Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Former head of Barwaqo University Joy Isa has left Hargeisa abruptly after she was found to be a Christian preacher.

Doubts have been raised about Isa’s intentions in Somaliland, following activist Oldon’s expose on who she is and why she was at the all girls University.


The doubts increase after a post on Elevation Church’s Twitter account about her visit to Somaliland came to light, stating that Isa come to Somaliland to spread Christianity.

The church said in a new statement that the previous tweet that Isa was coming to Somaliland for religious services was wrong.

Some students at Barwaqo University say they have never seen Isa talk about Christianity, but often talked about being free, and seeking their rights.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi recently defended Abaarso school and Barwaqo University, saying that people with questionable motives were spreading false propaganda.

Isa left Egal Airport yesterday afternoon due to political pressure, according to Eryal TV.

The controversy comes just days after the first female students graduated from Abaarso University.

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