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Jubaland addresses the remaining Kismayo and Garbaharey seats

KISMAYO (SD) – The Jubbaland Regional Electoral Commission has announced that the 16-seat election in Garbaharey town will be held within two weeks.

An statement from the commission did not specify whether the elections would take place in Garbaharey, Jubaland’s second election city, with some reports suggesting that Jubbaland plans to hold the election outside Garbaharey.

On the other hand, the Jubbaland State Electoral Commission has announced the schedule the election for the last 4 seats in Kismayo.

These seats # HOP029, # HOP124, # HOP133 and # HOP219 will be held on the 21st of this month which falls on the following Monday, according to a statement issued by the committee.

However, the South West and Galmudug administrations have today completed the remaining members of parliament, leaving only Puntland, Hirshabelle and Jubaland administrations.

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