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Jubaland prosecuted traditional leaders with links to AS

Kismayo (SD) -The Jubaland administration today, detained traditional elders in the city of Kismayo, accusing them of collaboration and cooperation with the Al-Shabaab group.

The Jubaland Military Court ordered the elders be kept in custody for a 60-days while authorities further investigate the charges against them.

The Jubaland administration had previously warned traditional elders against having ties with Al-Shabaab, stating that anyone who complies with Al-Shabaab’s orders or engages in agreements with them would face legal action.

The Somali government had previously arrested elders from the city of Adado and held them for 15 years, accusing them of collaborating with Al-Shabaab and engaging in agreements with the group.

An Anti-AS law introduced by the Somali government last year considers anyone supporting the Al-Shabaab group as a criminal.

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