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Jurisdictional Dispute over Waaheen Market escalates in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (SD) – Dispute over the rebuilding of Waaheen market in Hargeisa between the Somaliland government led by President Muse Bihi Abdi and the Hargeisa municipality along with victims have escalated.

The opposing levels of government spoke to the media separately claiming to be working on the administration and reconstruction of market currently undergoing cleaning operations in Hargeisa.

The Hargeisa Municipal Administration argues the central government to adhere to the laws governing activities in the market and not interfere in the ongoing rebuilding efforts.

Somaliland’s Minister of Public Works Abdilahi Abokor, who also addressed the issue told local reporters that the government is overseeing the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the market, noting that the rebuilding contract will be referred to the government’s Contract Board, which has provoked the Hargeisa Municipality.

Local elected municipal MP’s in Hargeisa, who spoke to the media contradicted the minister and said when they finish cleaning the market, they plan to start its rebuilding.

Elected Hargeisa Municipal MP’s, the opposition and the victims of the fire have all expressed their dismay over Somaliland Presidency’s interest in the millions of dollars donated to the Hargeisa fire victims.

Hargeisa Mayor Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge said they estimated the loss of the huge fire to be over 2 billion dollars.

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