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Kenya kills two men near its border with Somalia

WAJIR (SD) – At least two gunmen have been killed following heavy clashes with Kenyan police officers near Kenya’s border with Somalia amid intensified operations against al-Shabaab in northeastern of the East African Nation.

The confrontation took place mid this week. Their bodies were moved to a morgue in Wajir.

During the operation at Dadajabula area, Wajir county, the police recovered four AK47 rifles and over 300 bullets.

Apart from the 316 bullets found on them, police say they also recovered 14 empty magazines, two military smoke jackets, four mobile phones and a solar panel.

Their mission was not immediately known.

North eastern regional police boss Rono Bunei said they had intensified patrols in the region to address sporadic attacks from Al-Shabaab militants and their sympathisers.

He urged for cooperation from residents in efforts to address insecurity which has among others affected transport, education and general development.

“We must work together to ensure we tame these activities which are hampering development. It is everyone’s duty to ensure there is security,” Bunei said.

Kenyan forces recently stepped up the operations against al-Shabaab fighters along the border.

Al-Shabaab group has been attacking areas along Kenya-Somalia border while targeting mostly non- locals working in the region.

Many people, majority of them non- locals have as a result lost their lives with others left with permanent injuries.

The group vowed to continue staging attacks on Kenya’s soil until the East Africa nation withdraws from Somalia.

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