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Kenya says Somaliland is part of Somalia

NAIROBI (SD) –  Kenya does not recognize Somaliland as an independent state and will treat it as part of a federal state of Somalia, Kenyan foreign ministry said Saturday.

In a statement,  Foreign Affairs Minister Raychelle Omamo said Somaliland had not submitted an application to Kenya for recognition as an independent state.

The development by Kenyan government comes hours after Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia Dina Mufti said that the recent visit of Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi would not affect his government’s relationship with Somalia. 

“We are a people living in the Horn of Africa who have a common interest; Bihi’s visit or any other visitor will not hurt our relationship with Somalia.” 

This week, the UK Parliament debated a motion on whether to recognise Somaliland as an independent nation.

The motion that was tabled by Conservative MP Gavin Williamson was adjourned with the unanimous rule that is up to Somalia and Somaliland to decide their future.

Hours before the debate on Somaliland status, Somalia’s foreign minister Abdisaid Muse Ali held phone talks with the UK minister for Africa, Vicky Ford, discussing on bilateral ties based on mutual respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Somalia.

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