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Kenya: we will not withdraw our troops from Somalia

Nairobi (SD) – Kenya’s Minister of Defense Monica Juma, responded to Somalia’s statement of loosing confidence in the Kenyan forces in Somalia as a part of the African troops (AMISOM).

Monica Juma said that Somalia cutting relations with Kenya will not affect Kenyan military presence in Somalia.

“The withdrawal of Kenyan troops from Somalia at this time can only be decided by the African Union, independent of the strained relations between the two countries.” says Monica Juma.

Kenya Defense Minister added that the final decision of the Kenyan troops leaving Somalia should be based on a UN approved resolution.

Juma’s comments come just days after the Somali government said lost confidence in Kenya’s KDF forces’ ability to support efforts to stabilize Somalia.

“Simply put, KDF forces cannot support the stability of Somalia while fueling instability in Somalia,” said Somalia.

The Kenyan troops in Somalia are part of thousands of UN and African Union mandated AMISOM forces, fighting Al Shabab militants in an effort to stabilize the country.

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