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Kenyan MP Criticizes Ruto for appointing an ambassador to Somaliland

Nairobi October 06, 2023 (SD) – A member of the Kenyan Parliament representing North Wajir and a member of the UDA party, Ibrahim Saney, has criticized the decision by Kenyan President William Ruto to appoint an ambassador to represent Kenya in Somaliland.

Saney has accused Ruto of making a decision that will have negative implications for Kenya’s relationship with Somalia. He pointed out that Somaliland is not internationally recognized country, and Ruto’s decision could strain Kenya’s diplomatic ties with Somalia.

Saney suggested that the Somali government might respond strongly to Ruto’s decision and that it could have significant political repercussions. He also emphasized the need for the Somali government to react firmly to protect its sovereignty.

Saney further stated that the appointment of a diplomat to Somaliland by Kenya is a unilateral decision that could disrupt diplomatic relations and create tensions in the region. He suggested that Kenya should instead focus on building closer ties with Somalia as a whole, which would be more beneficial for the region.

On October 4th, President William Ruto appointed Abdi Weli Hussein as Kenya’s ambassador to Somaliland. However, it’s worth noting that the Somali government has not officially recognized Somaliland as a separate nation.

While there has been controversy and concerns raised over the appointment, it remains to be seen how the Somali government will respond and whether it will have a significant impact on diplomatic relations in the region.

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