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King Burmadow “The International Community must recognize President Bihi as spoiler”

Hargeisa (SD) –One of Somaliland’s traditional leader, King Burmadow, accused the President of Somaliland for being behind the latest political dispute in the country, labeling him a “spoiler”.

“ I like to tell the International community that the President is spoiler and is objecting to holding an election” Burmadow told local media.

Adding “ I believe that the President committed an impeachable crime, i would like to encourage the MP’s to remove him from office, then deal with the opening of the parties or if need be work on holding the elections.”

The King’s statement comes at a time when the country’s MP’s are bitterly divided and are debating a notion that speaks to the opening the registration of the country’s political association.

As per the regulations, the three official party certifications are due on December 20,2022.

President Bihi is accused by the opposition parties on miss managing the issue at a time when the country is gearing up for the Upper house and the Presidential elections.

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