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Lawmakers stripped of their immunity mobilizing against Puntland in Sanaag region

Hingalol (SD) – The latest reports from Hingalol district in Sanaag region say that Abdirahman Dhorre, a former member of Puntland state parliament who was stripped of his immunity recently, spent the night there, despite being ordered not to leave Garowe.

Sources in Hingalol district say he is holding talks with various sections of the community in the district and may take action against the Puntland government, according to remarks he made.

Its not known who the MP’s made it out of Garowe town, with authorities informing border security not to allow the 8 MPs to leave Garowe.

The former MP is said to be seeking tribal support for his opposition to the removal of his immunity and other political ambitions he has, including Somalia’s upper house candidacy.

Residents are torn in their support for the MP’s as they are not known for supporting the Sanaag communities during their tenure.

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