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Lawyer representing Somalia explains ICJ ruling

Washington (SD) – Paul Reichler, one of the lawyers representing Somalia, spoke for the first time about the verdict of the maritime case between Somalia and Kenya by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Paul Reichler told VOA that the court had ruled 75% of the disputed territory for Somalia, while the other 25% was given to Kenya, dismissing the fact that the court had divided the disputed area between two countries equally.

“The disputed land was less than 41,000 sq/km, the court gave Somalia less than 31,000 sq/km, while Kenya gave it a little more than 10,000 Sours / KM. ”Said Paul Reichler.

Reichler also said the court had deviated slightly from the line Somalia had originally proposed.

“The court has drawn a clear maritime boundary between Somalia and Kenya putting an end to the ongoing border dispute. The court’s ruling is final and there is no other reason to dispute the maritime boundary and its resources.” said Paul Reichler.

The lawyer said no oil had been extracted so from the disputed regions. “There are no wells at this time. Exploration has been done. Kenya has done exploration and Somalia has done exploration, but no real oil drilling has taken place. Oil has not been found.”

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