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Lower House dispels claims of motion against Somali PM

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali Lower House has dismissed alleged motion to unseat the country’s prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble who opposed the term extension for the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

In a statement, Secretary-General of the Somali Parliament, Abdihakim Haji Abdi Buh distanced the house of the representatives from the claims of motion to oust prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

“False rumours have been circulating in the city that the parliament intends to fire PM Roble; this is untrue,” said Buuh in a statement issued on Wednesday.

The secretary general urged the public to cooperate with government and support the peace

“In this difficult moment, the people and government must work together to maintain the stability and development of their Somalia,” he said.

The statement by the lower house hours after reports emerged that the leadership of the lower house and the presidency push plans to oust PM Roble.

Roble who has been in office since mid-last September announced Tuesday the country will be returning to negotiations for elections in an apparent rejection of the President’s extended stay in office.

Following the mass exodus of residents from Mogadishu in the wake of violence, the Prime Minister said he will honour his pledge to parliament to lead the country into elections in line with the September 2020 Agreement.

“Following the program of my government that I read before the parliament, I am ready to conduct the election that was agreed on September 17, 2020,” the PM said in a statement.

Roble also urged all other Federal Member States to work together for peace and the resolution of the ongoing electoral stalemate.

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