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Mortar Shells Strike Barawe Town During Lower House Elections

BARAWE (SD) – Mortar shells hit the town of Barawe, where the elections of seven lower house seats from the Southwest states began today.

Reports indicate that some mortar shells landed near the Southwest presidential palace, where the election is currently taking place.

No casualties have been reported so far from the bombardment in Barawe, although there are tense security concerns in the town.

Security forces opened fire in parts of the city, blocking major roads in Barawe, and a massive number of troops from Mogadishu were deployed to ensure security during the elections.

It is not yet known who was behind the mortar shelling, however, Al-Shabaab is based not far from Barawe.

Barawe, is holding elections for the first time, and is one of the cities liberated from Al-Shabaab during the ruling of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The city has long been under Al-Shabaab control and was a base for senior Al-Shabaab officials before it was taken over in 2014.

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