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Most Al-Shabaab fighters killed in Ba’adweyne battle and the latest news on the situation

Ba’adweyne (SD) – The latest reports from Ba’adweyne village in Mudug region say that the Al-Shabaab militants who attacked the town this morning have been expelled from the area.

The fighting started with explosions and Al-Shabaab managed to take control of most of the town, including a government army base.

Al-Shabaab also seized four military vehicles in the fighting, two of which were loaded with heavy anti aircraft machine guns.

Heavy fighting broke out in and around the town soon after between Ba’adweyne residents alongside government forces and Al-Shabaab militants, which resulted in the defeat of the Al-Shabaab.

In the second battle, at least 25 al-Shabaab militants were killed and residents and government troops managed to recapture two of the military vehicles seized by al-Shabaab militants in the initial attack.

Also, officials have confirmed the arrest of 4 Al Shabab attackers, 3 of whom are seriously injured.

Al-Shabaab in their early morning attack killed six government soldiers inside the 21st army base, and residents confirmed that four of the six killed were slaughtered.

The situation in Ba’adweyne is now calm, and the battlefields have been recaptured by Somali government forces backed by clan-based forces inside the town.

The attack comes at a time when Mudug and Galmudug regions have been witnessing military operations in recent weeks by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) forces, particularly the 21st Division, Galmudug and Al-Shabaab forces.

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