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NAGAAD Network Congratulates UCID Opposition Party on 10 Female Candidates’

Hargeisa (SD) – Nagaad, a Somaliland women’s rights group, commended UCID party for fielding the highest number of women candidates for the upcoming elections, and called on women to vote for the female candidates.

Somaliland’s UCID opposition party has nominated 10 women to various councils, in the upcoming March 31, 2021.

Announcement ceremony for the 10 female candidates was held at the Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa and was attended by the third vice chairman of UCID Said Omar Ahmed (Said UCID), the vice chairman of Nagaad and officials from UCID and Nagaad.

“Nagaad Network congratulates the Justice and Welfare Party “UCID” and the 10 Women Candidates and at the same time urges Women in Somaliland to support and vote for the female Candidates in the upcoming election” said an statement released by NAGAAD.

Somaliland lawmakers have previously rejected women to have quotas in the country’s parliament and local councils earlier this year.

Women and minority communities have long complained about their representation in the country’s various political parties and councils.


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