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Newsweek publishes Muse Bihi’s Message to Joe Biden

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi wrote an opinion piece in Newsweek, highlighting the importance of Somaliland to President Joe Biden’s foreign policy in the Horn of Africa.

In his article, president Muse Bihi analyzed the challenges in the Horn of Africa region and said that Somaliland could play a greater role in the region’s interests and the overall importance of US-Somaliland cooperation.

“Somaliland can uniquely help fellow democracies like the United States address regional problems that could severely impair their strategic interests. Political disputes, ethnic tensions and armed conflict to our south and west have already spilled across borders and threaten regional stability and the lives of innocent civilians.” Bihi wrote.

Muse Bihi said in his piece that Somaliland could be can help the United States to help address the crisis in the Horn of Africa region that poses a challenge to the common interests of democracies.

“A key tenet of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy is cooperation with like-minded, democratic partners that share America’s goals. There has been no greater need than today for this new strategy, as conflicts simmer or flare up around the world.” president Bihi Wrote.

In a letter to the US president, Muse Bihi also warned that Washington’s interests could be affected by China’s military bases in some of Somaliland’s neighbors. Muse Bihi said US interests in Taiwan were similar to those in Somaliland.

“And to our north, freedom of navigation through shipping and military transit lanes from the Suez Canal and the Red Sea into the Gulf of Aden and beyond—comprising more than 10 percent of global trade each day—are threatened by the conflict across the Gulf of Aden and a growing Chinese military presence in our neighborhood.” wrote president Bihi.

The President pointed to the progress that Somaliland has made since independence from the failed union of Somalia, and now enjoys economic progress and democracy.

“Why should Somaliland be such a partner? First, our democratic ideals remain strong. On May 31, Somaliland held local and parliamentary elections on terms that required difficult but determined consensus building, continuing a long tradition of nationwide one-person one-vote elections that were declared free and fair by local and international observers. We look forward to further demonstrating, in partnership with the United States, that democracies are more effective at making a real difference in the lives of their citizens and serving as a beacon for others seeking basic human freedoms.” wrote Bihi.

President Bihi said that for the last 30 years the world has witnessed the progress of Somaliland while large and small African countries are struggling with land disputes, ethnic conflicts, and religious conflicts.

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