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Nimo Shirdon: “I was fired for posting a picture on Facebook”

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Ministry of Information, Culture and Awareness fires Nimo Shirdon, a long time veteran reporter with the National Television for a profile picture.

The reporter says she was fired after she was accused of supporting Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed and one of Wadani party leaders on her Facebook page.

Singer Sahra Ileys has previously lost her job with the National Army for supporting Wadani Party.

A Bill meant to protect Civil Servants has recently been approved by both Houses of Parliament, it would’ve eliminated the constant fear of civil servants losing their jobs over political targeting, unfortunately President Bihi returned to the House.

Nimo Shirdon’s letter of dismissal was submitted by the ministry to the Public Service Commission.

This comes at a time of a heightened political tension in the country, as President Bihi’s government proposed to open up the registration of the political parties ahead of time, with the opposition vehemently rejecting the move.

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