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NISA official targeted in Mogadishu blast

Mogadishu September 27, 2023 (SD) – A powerful explosion occurred today in a part of Deynile district in the city of Mogadishu, and it targeted a high-ranking officer of the NISA (National Intelligence and Security Agency).

According to local media reports, the explosion, which was of the land Mine type, was aimed at the Director of NISA in Dayniile, known as Seedi Xume.

This explosion resulted in the death of two individuals, one of whom was a NISA soldier, while the other was a civilian. It is also reported that there were injuries caused by the blast.

The explosion, heard throughout some areas of Mogadishu, struck the vehicle of the district director, as he was inspecting the security situation in the neighborhoods of the district.

The situation at the explosion site is currently tense, with a large number of heavily armed troops, both uniformed and plainclothes, converging on the area to maintain security and investigate the incident.

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