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NISA Threatens Journalist Harun Maruf with A legal action

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali National Intelligence Agency says it is taking “appropriate legal action” against journalist Harun Maruf, a VOA Somali broadcaster.

In a statement posted on Twitter, NISA said that Harun Maruf “had links that are threats to national security and engages in acts outside the media discipline,” the statement said.

The agency added “We are sharing with the authorities in the country to remain vigilant and inform the national security agencies.”

NISA’s statement did not provide details about the alleged links Harun Maruf has with those that pose the threats to the national security.

Harun Maruf is known for his frequent reporting on security issues, particularly with al-Shabaab and its attacks, he has also written a book detailing al-Shabaab’s activity in the country.

He also produces a program called “The Investigation file”, which has repeatedly broadcasted and disclosed confidential information, some on corruption within government institutions and the lack of training in public security institutions.

The reporter did not respond to the allegation, it could have serious impact on his job at the VOA.

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