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Norway:Somali man allegedly stabbed three women, killing one

Oslo (SD) – A Somali man in a town 90 km outside of Norwegian capital of Oslo, has allegedly stabbed three women, two of them Somalis, and a third white woman.

A police statement issued soon after the attack said the white woman died of the stab wound, while one of the other two Somalis was in critical condition.

Police say they took the attacker in custody, the attackers motive remains unclear, but some members of the Somali community say the attacker was mentally ill.

Local newspaper Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad spoke with one of the victims husband reported that the victim had come to their home.

“Someone knocked on the door while we were watching TV and when I opened it he tried to stab me, but I got away,” the husband told the newspaper.

According to the report, the wife, who was inside the house, sustained serious injuries to her arm.

There is no info on how the attacker stabbed the other two ladies or if the assailant knew the victims or not.

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