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Opposition candidates oppose expulsion of Kenya’s ambassador from Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) – The union of Somalia’s presidential opposition candidates has today addressed the decision of the Somali federal government to expel the Kenyan ambassador from Mogadishu and called it’s ambassador from Nairobi.

A press release from the presidential candidates first expressed their concern over the decision taken by the government whose tenure is almost finished on diplomacy.

Candidates’ statement said they saw the government’s decision as a blow to relations between Somalia and Kenya, and that it was being used for election campaigns and not in the interest of the nation or its people.

Meanwhile, candidates have warned Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo against using the country’s foreign policy for election campaigns, creating hatred and animosity between neighboring Somalia and Kenya.

The Union of Opposition Candidates for the presidency of Somalia has also expressed concern over the negative impact of poor relations between the two countries on Somali business people and students studying in Kenya.

Somali Political analysts have criticized the candidates support for Kenya, calling their support possible political suicide.

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