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Opposition Candidates organized protests in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – The situation in Mogadishu is now calm, following violent protests in some neighborhoods in Mogadishu Today, with some protesters being shot by security forces at Fagah Intersection.

Demonstrations were aimed at entire city, organized by the Union of opposition Candidates, did not go as planned.

The Somali government upon learning of the demonstration, deployed troops to parts of the city, including intersections and key roads, restricting movement.

Somali police opened fire on people protesting at Fagah intersection, police and gunmen said to be protecting the demonstrators were seen exchanging gun fire.

The shooting is said to have resulted in a number of deaths and injuries, although it could not be confirmed, but a video posted on social media showed the injuries of up to two people being carried away.

Today’s demonstration in Mogadishu, although not as planned, sends a new message that violent demonstrations are likely to take place in the city, amid ongoing political disputes over the electoral process.

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