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Opposition forces refuse to vacate Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – Officials leading the National Salvation Forces who opposed the Somali government’s extension met yesterday in Mogadishu and issued a number of key points, according to our sources.

Officials including Indha-Adde, Saney Abdulle, Sadaq John, Abdimalik Ismail and Osman Hadole agreed to maintain security in Mogadishu, especially in areas currently under their control.

Officials also agreed not to leave their bases in Mogadishu until Prime Minister Roble took credible action, and demanded that he replace the commanders of the government forces involved in the presidential candidates attacks on April 25th.

The statement comes as the Somali government has reportedly ordered the suspension of the salaries of soldiers and officers who joined the anti-extension forces and took part in the fighting in Mogadishu.

News came as today Somali Police Force Commander Gen. Abdi Hassan Hijar issued an order directing all police forces to remain in their duties for the safety of citizens and their property, and to treat all Somalis well.

The president of Somalia Mohamed Farmajo recently handed over the Electoral and Security Administration to Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

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