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Opposition Parties Say They will Not Recognize Bihi presidency after this November

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland’s opposition parties, Waddani and UCID, have announced that they are holding special consultations regarding the country’s leadership since President Bihi refused to hold elections.

The leaders of the two opposition parties in Somaliland who spoke to the media in Hargeisa today said that the country is in a state of political turmoil, as president Bihi refuses to hold presidential elections this November.

Wadani party chairman Hirsi Hassan said President Bihi wants to extend his term in office, adding he would not allow presidential elections to be held on time.

“What we are talking about and complaining about, and the reason the youth are coming out, the people are talking, the parties opposing is that the president wants to stay in office past his mandate.” said Wadani Party Chairman Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan.

The chairman of the UCID party, Faisal Ali Warabe, also said that President Bihi wanted to disband the opposition parties in Somaliland, and said that he would not allow the election of political parties to take place.

“It is not possible for you to destroy UCID and Wadani, and for you to stay beyond your tenure, Hargeisa in my city, you go back to Harshin” said UCID Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe at the presser today.

Successive Kulmiye governments and opposition parties have repeatedly clashed over the unrecognized country’s elections.

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