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Over 500 Somalis arrested in Zambia

LUSAKA (SD) – Over Somalis have been rounded up in Ndola in the north-central part of Zambia after the southern country’s security forces launched operations on Friday.

According to multiple sources, Somalis were on Friday attested and taken to a stadium under unclear circumstances.

The detainees included men, women and children, were taken to a stadium in the Copperbelt region of Ndola in the north-central part of Zambia.

Almost all of them were later released after their documents were checked by security officials. Only 40 people remained in police custody.

The move was condemned by the Somali foreign ministry which expressed concern over mass arrests against Somalis in Zambia, saying it was following up the matter with Zambian authorities for clarification on the arrests.

“MFA is closely monitoring alleged reports of mass arrests of Somalis in Ndola, Zambia, based on their ethnicity, irrespective of nationality, is a cause of concern and presently engaging authorities in Zambia for clarity and resolving this unfortunate event expeditiously,” the Ministry said in a tweet.

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