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Parents of Nuradin students discuss the plight of their detained children

Hargeisa (SD) – The parents of six students accused of organizing the riots at Nuradin School in Hargeisa on March 3 said they were not allowed to visit their children in prison.

Students have revolted against school orders imposed on underprivileged students.

“My son has diabetes, he is handcuffed and suffering,” said the mother of one of the students.

Relatives of the student also said that police refused to allow doctor to visit him or get treatment in jail.

Parents complained that their children had been detained at Nuradin School a month ago while in uniforms during exams.

The students parents claim that so far no charges have been filled against their children.

On March 3, a dispute between students and school officials resulted in a protest, causing severe damage to the school property, six students were later arrested.

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