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Parliamentary Election Commission splits over Gedo MP’s role in speakers election

MOGADISHU (SD) – Three members of the Parliamentary Election Commission who spoke to the media last night suggested that MPs elected in Elwaq and Garbaharey should not participate in today’s election of the speaker of parliament.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Election Committee, MP Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, has dismissed the remarks by some members of his committee who called for the exclusion of members of both houses of parliament in Gedo region.

“Some members of the house of the people election committee that I chair held a press conference without consulting me about it. They also misrepresented & misled the public that I was privy to it; just to clarify who attends & participates in the election proceedings tomorrow is the prerogative of the interim speaker of the house. The committee mandate is to guide the election process; we will only follow &work with the list provided by the interim speaker of the HoP of parliament. It unfortunate that some members would go that low to misrepresent facts.” Tweeted the MP.

Abdirizak said he was unaware of the press conference held by members of his committee, accusing them of deviating from their duties and from their mandate and are engaging in politically motivated activities.

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