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PM meets in Baidoa with ambassadors and representatives from International Agency based in Mogadishu

Baidoa(SD)-The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khayre, had a meeting in Baidoa, he met with Somalia’s ambassadors and representatives of international agencies based in Mogadishu and has addressed the needs of the  South West region.

Southwestern President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed (Laftagareen) who accompanied Prime Minister Khayre in the meeting, outlined the key social and environmental development plans that must be supported to achieve the Southwest’s social development and goals.

Prime Minister Kheyre’s trip to South West is based on social and security development, told the ambassadors that they should be involved in the South West’s development plan.

Representatives, ambassadors present at the meeting applauded Prime Minister Khayre for his efforts to rebuild the country, pledged to support the Southwestern State in its development plans.

The meeting was attended by ministers from the federal government, also discussed were preparations for a meeting regarding  cooperation with the international community to be held in Mogadishu.

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