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Police in Somaliland Summons opposition chairman, for criticizing President Bihi

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland police have today summoned Wadani party chairman Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan to the C.I.D. headquarters, according to sources.

It is not yet clear why the police summoned chairman Hersi, But the sources say it could be related to a recent press conference he held in Hargeisa.

The leader of the main opposition Wadani party recently accused President Bihi of violating the constitution, detailing the president’s numerous violations of the country’s laws.

Opposition parties and the president have been at loggerheads over the opening of political association before their deadline.

Relying on country’s electoral law, both official opposition parties are insisting that the presidential and the upper house election must be done first.

summoning the leader of the Wadani opposition party to the C.I.D. is yet another blow to the hard earned freedom of expression and a step in the wrong direction for this not recognized country.

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