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President Guelleh’s Remarks on Eid Al-Fitr

My dear compatriots, I wish you all my wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.

I hope that Aid Al Fitr will be a successful coronation for our fellow citizens in the blessed month of Ramadan.

I pray to Allah for a speedy recovery to my sick compatriots and that of quick access to the economic circuit to those who are suffering from the instability.

And I express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all our compatriots engaged in the 1st front in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic under our heavens.

The Djibouti nation will continue to keep in its collective memory the endless dedication of our health workers to protect and heal our population from the harm of the coronavirus.

I pay tribute to our armed and security forces and to all other departments engaged close or far in our society’s saving fight against this formidable disease.

Even the proactive method adopted by our country to avoid the dramatic consequences of this pathologe has led to encouraging results, I believe that the danger still remains relevant.

Therefore, I urge our compatriots to respect and subscribe to the instructions of our health care professionals and to avoid behaviours that could affect their lives and those of their families and loved ones.

I am proud that, like in other times in its history, our nation has captured the challenges, especially economic challenges, launched by the of-19 disease under the sign of national cohesion.

The lockdown adopted had no impact on the work of employees, both in the public and in the private. And the momentum of national solidarity under the aegis of the state has allowed optimal care of our compatriots in the non-sector.

I wish that the coronavirus will quickly become a distant memory for our society. I am therefore planning an efficient resumption of our collective and collective march towards development.

Best wishes of Aid Al Fitr to all to the Djibouti and djibouti and to all the expatriates who do us the honor of living with us. And happy new year


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