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President Ruto receives his Somali counterpart

NAIROBI (SD) -Kenyan President, William Ruto, today held talks with the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, at the Presidential Palace in Nairobi.

The meeting between the two Presidents focused on strengthening the cooperation between the two countries, enhancing diplomatic relations, discussed the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and regional development initiatives.

President Hassan Sheikh is currently in Nairobi to participate in the 6th United Nations Environmental Assembly focusing on the significant global environmental challenges affecting humanity, particularly the impact on the lives of communities in the countries surrounding the region.

In his speech at the international conference, the President will highlight the significant impact of environmental changes on the people and the environment of Somalia, demonstrating the government’s efforts to address the severe consequences of droughts and floods.

While President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is in Nairobi, he is expected to hold meetings with various leaders and officials participating in the conference to advance further Somalia’s role in the global environmental change agenda and regional development initiatives.

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