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Puntland and Somaliland exchange criticism and threats

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland government and the Puntland state administration took it to the airwaves in response to Puntland president’s call on Somaliland to leave Sool region.

Somaliland’s Information Minister, Saleban Ali Kore, described President Deni’s statement as “not wise”, urging President Deni to refocus on Puntland, rather than intervene in Somaliland’s affairs and its borders.

“I am calling on you to correct your administration and I am telling you to stop interfering with Somaliland’s borders,” said Minister Saleban Kore.

The Minister of Information, Abdullahi Ali Hirsi (Timacade), responded to Somaliland’s Minister of Information, saying Puntland will regain its territory from Somaliland.

“The president was right in saying, Somaliland should leave Sool immediately or else there will be blood.” Said minister Timacade.

The two ministers of information from the two opposing administrations both hail from the disputed region of Sool.

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