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Puntland announces capture of ISIS hideouts

Bossaso (SD) – Puntland regional security forces have claimed victory in a battles with ISIS militants in the Bari region.

The operation, which began on Thursday, is concentrated in the mountains of Dhabanado, Hul-Anod and the Il-Cameyra River in Calmiskad, a stronghold of ISIS.

Puntland military officials say all areas have been cleared of ISIS, killing some members of the group while taking the rest as prisoners.

Puntland forces says they have seized military equipment fleeing ISIS fighters in Puntland.

Fighting in the mountainous areas of Bari region has reportedly resulted in casualties on both sides, and sporadic gunfire can still be heard in the areas where the operation is taking place.

Puntland military officials said the operations will continue until the mountainous region is cleared of ISIS militants who are committing acts of insecurity in Bossaso and other parts of Bari region.

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