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Puntland authorities bans weapons in Garowe

Garowe (SD) – Puntland Minister of Security Abdisamad Mohamed Galan, and Puntland Police Chief Gen. Mohamed Ali Hashi, who held a press conference in Garowe, announced the Puntland Capital Security Improvement Policy.

According to the Puntland Police Chief, the law does not allow Garowe residents to carry weapons.

Also, Gen. Mohamed Hashi said no one with weapons can enter Garowe without permission. He added that authorities would launch an operation to enforce the order, warning of non-compliance.

Minister Gallan reiterated that they want Garowe to be as secure as Geneva in Switzerland.

The Puntland Capital Security Improvement Policy, was recently approved by the Puntland Council of Ministers.

The decision by Puntland’s top security officials comes at a time when Garowe is scheduled to hold elections for members of the House of the People of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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