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Puntland backs PM’s decision to oppose presidential decree

Garowe (SD) – A brief statement from the Puntland State of Somalia expressed support for Prime Minister Roble, who responded this afternoon to a Presidential decree, that seemed to reduced the executive power of PM Roble’s government.

Puntland commended the Prime Minister for managing the country’s politics at this critical time and for re-strengthening Somalia’s diplomatic relations with the international community.

“The Government of Puntland congratulates Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble on his leadership of the country during the transition period, the implementation of the elections and the strengthening of Somalia’s diplomatic relations with the world. The Government of Puntland has always believed in the rule of law in accordance with Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Provisional Constitution,” the presidential statement concluded.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced this afternoon that he has his national responsibilities in mind and has also worked to defuse internal and external tensions, while safeguarding the interests of the Somali people.

“The Prime Minister recognizes that Somalia has no interest in undermining its relations with its neighbors and the rest of the world, strives for Somalia to have equitable relations with key countries, initiating talks with Kenya and some Arab countries, we have diplomatic relations, security, trade, education, or hospitality with refugees and other Somali residents, for which the Somali Government is responsible.” said Roble’s statement in response to Farmajo’s decree.

The statement from Roble’s office said government agencies would continue to operate and would not suspend any government activities.

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