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Puntland forces enforced ceasefire between rival clans in Bari

Bossaso (SD) – The latest reports from Iskushuban district in Bari region in Puntland state where two clans clashed yesterday say that Puntland forces have taken over the district this morning.

The recurring fighting is said to be based on the settlement of a disputed rural area, where one of the clans wanted to establish a village.

Troops were deployed among the warring militias, setting up bases where the two militias fought, calming the situation today after heavy fighting broke out in the area yesterday.

Senior Puntland military officials have ordered senior military officers to enforce a ceasefire and ensure security in the area.

Six people have been reportedly killed and more than 13 others wounded in the fighting, although no official figures have been released.

Traditional leaders in the region are continuing reconciliation efforts and to achieve solution to a vicious repeated tribal war in that region.

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