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Puntland forces launch offensive against Al Shabaab

Galkayo (SD) – Puntland security forces, particularly the specially trained PSF, have released information on a planned operations in the last few hours in areas of Bari region.

A statement posted on the PSF’s Facebook page said that the security operations were carried out in several areas including Durduri, Ceelayo, Dadaab, Warbid, Majayahan and Togga Dhagcaan.

During the operation, the troops said they had destroyed ditches set up by Al-Shabaab insurgents in mountainous areas to conspire and undermine the security of Bari region.

Puntland forces in the planned operation did not disclose any casualties from the latest attacks

Puntland security forces, particularly the PSF, PMPF and the Darawish have doubled its planned operations in the mountainous Bari and Sanaag regions following Al-Shabaab’s planned attack on Bossaso’s main prison.

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