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Puntland forces take over Al Shabab Bases in Galgala

BOSSASO (SD) -Darawish forces of Puntland State of Somalia have today carried out planned operations against Al-Shabab militants in Golis mountains in the Eastern region of Puntland.

Reports indicate that during the operation there were clashes between Puntland forces and Al-Shabab causing multiple casualties.

Officials leading the Darawish operation stated that they had raided Al-Shabab bases in Dhagax-Dhaabur and Habar-Hagogan hills of the Golis region, particularly in Galgala. They also stated that they have captured the Al-Shabab bases in these locations.

Without further details the officials also said “the operations are still ongoing and there are many casualties and losses among the Al-Shabab Fighters”.

The Darawish forces of Puntland State of Somalia previously carried out similar operations on several occasions against Al-Shabab in the Golis Mountains in the eastern region, the subsequent clashes caused both sides to suffer many casualties.

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