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PUNTLAND: Four political parties form a new coalition, criticize the preliminary elections

Garowe (SD) – Runcad, Mustaqbal, Horsed and Ifiye parties in Puntland have formed a political alliance called the Puntland Political Associations Forum, according to a joint statement.

The new forum pointed out that the local council elections in Qardho, Eyl and Ufeyn districts were marred by widespread violations of Puntland election laws and regulations.

The forum alleged that the violations included bribery and embezzlement, misuse of state resources, misuse of ballot papers and intimidation of defenseless voters.

The Puntland Political Associations Forum criticized the Puntland Transitional Electoral Commission, for approving the election results, without consulting Puntland political parties.

The forum called on the international community and other stakeholders to investigate the electoral process in Puntland and its outcome.

The new forum indicated that it was concerned about the continuation and the legality of the process.

Xadgudubyo la sheegay in ay ka dheceen doorashadii Puntland – Puntland Post

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