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Puntland ignored Bosaso Prison raid intelligence – Ex-commander

GAROWE (SD) – Puntland authorities had the intelligence reports of al-Shabaab deadly attack on Bosaso Jail in northeastern Somalia, former Somalia’s elite forces commander confirmed.

The former commander of Danab forces, Abdirahman Omar Jeeni-Qar who himself hails from Puntland state has revealed that he shared the details of impending al-Shabaab raid on the facility.

Jeeni-Qar accused Puntland state authorities of downplaying the warning, saying he had informed the leaders more than seven months ago that Al-Shabaab militants plan to attack Bosaso jail.

Puntland authorities have neither denied nor accept the existence of the intelligence reports as well as the security luxury.
Speaking to the media

In response to the attack, Puntland forces engaged al-Shabaab fighters on the outskirts of Bossaso town, killing more than twenty militants.

Puntland security officials also displayed over ten inmates who were recaptured after escaping the jail during al-Shabaab’s attack on Thursday.

The attack on the facility by al-Shabaab claimed lives of over ten Puntland soldiers.

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