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Puntland issues stern warning over Federal Government meeting in Dubai

Garowe (SD) – A statement from Puntland’s presidency warned international companies against entering into what it described as illegal agreements with the Somali government.

Press statement issued by the President of Puntland addressing the ongoing conference on Africa’s resources in the United Arab Emirates from 8 to 11 November 2021.

“The Puntland State of Somalia, in line with its previous position of 9 January to 11 February 2020, declares that it is not a party to the implementation of the Petroleum Law signed on 8 February 2020 as it is not in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution & Procedure. The distribution of the country’s resources has not yet been agreed upon, ”said a statement from the Puntland Presidency.

The statement added “The Puntland government warns that the outgoing government is currently entering into illegal agreements to auction off the country’s resources, which could lead to instability,” the statement said.

Puntland administration said in the statement that there is a dispute over Somalia’s oil distribution based on the federal system, therefore Puntland will not be pound by the conference’s outcomes.

The United Arab Emirates conference on resources, which is attended by many countries, including Somalia, will showcase Africa’s natural resources.

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