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Ex-Puntland military commander appointed as Kismayo mayor

KISMAYO (SD) – Former Puntland military commander has been appointed as District commissioner and mayor of Kismayo town in Southern Somalia.

Nugal region Omar Abdulahi Farole who also previously served Nugaal governor of Puntland state has become the first Puntland officials holding position in a different regional state.

Jubbaland and Puntlamd states have long been at loggerheads with the federal government over several contentious issues including the parliamentary elections as well as federal government deployed in Gedo region.

In a statement, Ahmed Mohamed Islam,  Jubbaland state president said Farole has competence to execute duties as mayor of the administrative capital of Jubbaland state.

“President Ahmed Mohamed Islaam has appointed Omar Abdullahi Farole as the mayor and the district commissioner of Kismayo. The decision reached after president discussed with his administration,” the statement reads.

Farole had preciously in different positions in Puntland State including the commander of Puntland presidential guards during era of Abdirahman Mohamed Farole.

He also served as the governor of Nugaal region in Somalia northeastern regional state, Puntland during the government led by Abdiweli Ali Gaas.

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