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Puntland opposition parties form an alliance

Garowe (SD) – Some opposition groups in Puntland have formed an alliance to take control of the three districts in the recent by-elections.

The two opposition parties, Mideeye and Sincad, have vowed to take on the ruling Kaah party, which won the most votes in the three district elections.

The union of the two organizations means that they have a majority of votes to help them win the district commissioners of Qardho and Ufeyn, while Eyl is dominated by Kaah with almost a majority of votes, to win the mayor of Eyl.

The Puntland Electoral Commission is expected to announce the election schedule for the three district commissioners, pending the Supreme Court’s expected approval of the election.

Puntland held a successful elections in three districts on 0ct 25,2021, having failed in a similar attempt in 2013, during the administration of Abdirahman Farole.

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