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Puntland Possible COVID-19 patient dies

Puntland Committee for Prevention of coronavirus has today announced a the death of a suspected COVID-19 patient in Puntland state.

A statement from the COVID-19 Prevention Committee said that the person was in quarantine, and didn’t confirm where, but confirmed that he died in Puntland region.

“The deceased quarantined person has been tested and was awaiting the results of the test today,” adds the statement

If confirmed, that the patient has died for the COVID-19 it will be it will record the first COVID-19 patient died in Puntland state.

Meanwhile, the Commission has documented nine other people suspected of the COVID-19 disease were isolated, as their tests were taken to ensure their health.

Finally, the COVID-19 Prevention Committee has called on the self isolating people not come out of their homes, as to prevent the spread of the virus.

Puntland administration has expanded the medical facilities and COVID 19 Isolation Centers aimed at dealing with the global pandemic of Corona virus.

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