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Puntland president pardons journalist Kilwe Adan

Garowe (SD) – The office of the President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, has granted amnesty to journalist Kilwe Aden Farah, who is being held in a prison in Garowe.

The pardoned journalist have been accused of inciting provocations, and President Deni has previously accused the journalist of being guilty and will be brought to justice.

Puntland military court has recently sentenced journalist Kilwe Adan to three years in prison.

The journalist was arrested in December, when he was charged with charges of spreading false information, recorded and disseminated a video insulting the President of Puntland.

The Puntland Media Association (MAP) said it had stopped its involvement in the case against the journalist, after he was acquitted and then sentenced to three years in prison.

Kilwe’s relatives in Puntland have been demanding his release in recent days.

The pardoned journalist and his family have not yet commented on the presidential pardon.

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