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Puntland security forces interrogate journalists over protests in Bossaso

Bossaso (SD) – The Puntland Police Force has today interrogated journalists in Puntland accused of reporting yesterday’s protests in Bossaso, Bari region.

Mohamed Salah Mumin, an SBC reporter was one of the reporters called in by police for his reporting on the demonstrations.

Police released the journalist hours later after he was interviewed about his reporting of the protest in Bossaso.

“People have complained to the security agencies that wanted me to be arrested, but when I went to the Nugal regional police headquarters I told them the information I had published and the photos were accurate and correct about the demonstration in Bossaso, It is my job as a journalist. The commander was really satisfied with my report and treated me well, ”said journalist Mohamed Salah”

Residents of the regional state’s largest city were demonstrating against Bossaso being divided into four districts.

Puntland state government insists that the Bossaso demonstrations were organized by individuals wanting to destabilize Bossaso.

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