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Puntland security forces reveal the name of a wanted man & reward for his information

Galkayo (SD) – The Mudug regional police command has called on the residents of Galkayo and Puntland in general to report any sighting of a man named Ibrahim Sidow who is wanted by the security forces.

Ibrahim Sidow is believed to be one of the perpetrators of insecurity acts in Galkayo has been placed $ 2,000 reward by Puntland security forces for anyone who provides information on his whereabouts.

“Mudug region police in Puntland is asking for your assistance in the whereabouts of Ibrahim Sidow, anyone who reports to the Mudug region police information of this man will be rewarded with $ 2,000.” Said a police released statement.

Adding “Your anonymity for providing information about this person is guaranteed to be kept confidential. Please share this man’s with one of our officers you trust , and win a cash prize of $ 2,000.”

The Mudug regional Police command did not say which acts of violence Ibrahim Sidow was involved in, or if he belongs to which organization he belongs to.

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